Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Special Haul

Hi there - this drawing is of the car driven by the character I posted sketches of a couple of weeks ago - the rugged dude with the goggles.

This is why he looks so beaten up - he has to try to keep this thing going in a straight line while picking bugs out of his teeth.

Built for long-haul travel, customised for the special delivery service...


  1. Holy crap - that's ace! Love the ventilated brakes, bet you'll regret 'em by the fourth panel though!

  2. Yeah - I'm thinking that. How good are you with Sketchup? :O)

  3. Nice man, love it, love the racing green. I also love the ventilated whatits, they're totally ventilated - air can go right through em'

  4. I love it! Or as we say in Boston, "That friggin thing is wicked awesome"
    I bet that sucker is a pain to parallel park. Does it even have a reverse gear? 6 speeds of maximum forward!!

  5. Cheers Kevin! I like where you're coming from... this puppy certainly wasn't made for doing the shopping in.

    Thanks for visiting!

  6. I had a puppy once and it didn't look like that. So there!

    Fantastic design! I love the personality of that car. It really gives the impression that it has been around...Like an old man who has to breathe a lot of air when he runs. (A bit like me)

  7. You're right! Dammit, that's no puppy... What do you gotta do around here to get decent service?

    Thanks for looking (and liking - or pretending to at least) :)

  8. Thanks for having a look, Anna - cheers!


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