Monday, April 9, 2012

Digital Illustration Master Class 14 & 15 April

Hi all - just wanted to give those if you in the Wellington area a heads up regarding the White Cloud Worlds 2 day Digital Illustration workshop coming up this weekend, at Massey College of Creative Arts. Paul Tobin and myself will be teaching the fundamentals of creating illustrations using Photoshop, and giving away a few of the secrets we've both learned from many years in the business.

It's a fun, informal way to get some one-on-one tuition from a couple of seasoned industry professionals, and there are still a couple of spots left. You can enroll here!

Also this weekend, Ben Wootten is taking a 2 day Traditional Sculpting for Creature Design workshop, also at Massey. There are a couple of spots available in this class, too, and it should be a blast for those of you who'd like get to grips with the entire process of creating a design maquette.

Might see you there!


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