Friday, November 20, 2009

Victori and Ash

Hey all - I know, it's been ages since I've had anything to post. I've been up to my ears in sick kids and contract work and, well... life, really. You know how it goes.

This piece is of a couple of the major players from my story - one's a dude, and one's a robot, just in case there's any confusion (the robot is the taller, shinier one at the back).

You may recognise the foreground guy from this painting I posted back in June. He now has a purpose in life! And while that purpose might put him in the line of fire more often than not, I'm sure he's much happier to have goals.

And I'm happier too - because now I have closure with a painting that always seemed a bit lost.

Thanks for coming over!


  1. Holy Moly! Beautiful stuff man!
    Not that I didn't like the fat dogs. I'm not a big champion of obesity, but in this case it seems to be working out for them (accidentally ironic choice of words there :P).
    But the comic pics are amazing. Really can't wait to see more. Hope you get a chance to have a prolonged crack at it one day soon :)


  2. Hey Matty! Cheers, mate - yeah, it's frustrating as hell not having the time I'd really like to put into this project. Just gotta keep chipping away, and hope the world doesn't end before my book does!

    Thanks for dropping by :O)

  3. amazing bro! too amazing...
    man, what's with all you guys who post really nice stuff on your blogs... a blog should be filled with shitty quick throwaway scribbles! like mine!

  4. Ha! Your stuff is wicked, man - and nice and quick! All good stuff... cheers Mr Beck :O)


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