Thursday, December 10, 2009

Zoo Critters

Hey Folks - I was lucky enough recently to be involved in designing and illustrating the visitor experience for Wellington Zoo's new state of the art animal hospital The Nest - Te Kohanga, which had its official opening yesterday.

The Nest - Te Kohanga is quite unique in that it has a number of treatment and recovery rooms that are glass walled and so able to be viewed by the Zoo-going public, and integrated in and around the building is an educational visitor experience, conceptualised, designed and built by Locales, a company with whom I work.

People can rock on up and watch procedures and treatments be performed on zoo animals and native wildlife that have been rescued within the region - pretty cool! It's a great, worthwhile project to have been involved in, and I got to do a bunch of fun animal illustrations!


  1. To me, these are ace. I politely request more you jerk!
    Sorry about the "jerk" thing earlier, I have this whole jealousy/rage thing going on.

  2. O wow, I hadn't heard of that news
    will be cool to visit!
    haha I love the giraffe!

  3. WOW! These are AMAZING!!! I'd almost want to see these over the real animals... hahah!

  4. Those are great man! I second Christians comment!

  5. Hey - thanks you lot! Hope you guys have all had a great kick-off to this new year we're all sharing.

    Hear that Christian? Sharing? Like, playing nice with others?


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